Reducing Industrial Waste, One Client at a Time

Arrange for scrap metal services in Holden, ME

Disposing of waste in a landfill might be easy, but it's bad for the environment and for your bottom line. Apex Metals, a local recycling company in Holden, ME, offers convenient, cost-efficient and eco-friendly scrap metal solutions to industrial and commercial clients in New England.

Our founders rely on 50+ years of combined experience to make scrap metal services simple and convenient for manufacturers. Call 207-307-7193 now to learn about our recycling solutions.

At Apex Metals, our goal is to make the recycling process hassle-free and profitable. Our pick-up and drop-off services will certainly simplify your experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get rid of recyclable materials with ease.

Recycling can benefit everyone

You'll want to partner with our local recycling company for the...

Convenience: You can dispose of recyclable materials in our roll-off containers.
Money-saving opportunities: We can buy any scrap metal and heavy machinery that you can't afford to keep around.
Positive environmental impact: We'll recycle whatever we can in order to keep usable items out of the landfill.

You can do your part to save the planet by choosing us for scrap metal services in Holden, ME.